Zoomcar Mobility Platform
Product Designer

Zoomcar is India's largest personal mobility platform. The introduction of car-sharing services in 2013 and today is the market leader in the self-drive space with over 10,000 cars in its fleet. Zoomcar allows users to rent cars by the hour, day, week, or month.


Zoomcar used to rely on our vendors to monitor and analyze our car fleet. There came the point we couldn't make further optimization in our customer experience without owning end to end operation of the car.

Creating an in-house fleet management service lets our customer experience people monitor car health and send cars to service before any incident happens in customer trips. Having in house system allowed us to double click on multiple key business metrics much better to understand where we are doing poorly in terms of operation.

It also opened up the possibility of selling the fleet management platform, which powers Zoomcar to other businesses in the same context.

Search lets users command their own flow in the system. Also, in our research, it was the most used feature in the dashboard. For this alone, from a tech & design perspective, we took our time in building it. Few principle searches were designed.

  • Federated: It allows users to search across all of its content concurrently through one search query. We had a unified search for different sets of information like vehicle number, the alert ID, etc.
  • Fast: Our users relied a lot on their keyboard strokes for navigating in the dashboard. While design, we made sure both invoking search and navigating with search results is mouse-free.
  • Predictive: Fuzzy search became the default way people search for information. For us, this ensures we can surface information before they finish typing. This also reduced character typing mistakes.

Vehicle 360

This view consisted of all the information regarding vehicles both in realtime and historical data. The major challenge here was to develop an information architecture that would scale to occupy the future data points.


Grid view provides users a little more interruptive scanning format.


Geofence is a vital part of monitoring our car fleet. Since it's most critical to making sure, our cars are only used in their allocated areas.


City managers can create geofence on cities and states' bases and even make custom geofences covering circular radius or polygonal shapes. This covered a comprehensive variety of area mapping for these managers.

Developing a Cohesive Web Design System

We created a web design system to establish consistency and accelerate the design and development process for other teams working on the Web. It derives from our core design system, which defines basic styles, like typography, spacing, color, etc.


The idea here is to build low-level core components that can evolve with the growing demand for change that will hit us in the future. I will continue to formalize a design system with the engineering team, building reusable components and further defining the visual style.

What I've shown above is a very small fraction of the project. If you'd like to hear more about it, reach out to me at jothachil@gmail.com