LazyPay Card
Lead Product Designer

At LazyPay, our mission is to revolutionize the banking experience. As a next-generation fintech company, we offer users credit solutions tailored to their diverse needs, accompanied by flexible repayment options. Our latest endeavor marks an exciting leap into the realm of cards, expanding our offerings to provide even more comprehensive financial solutions.

Printing Cards & Package

Designing something physical was a thrilling and novel experience for our team. Navigating the intricacies of printing and packaging, while also balancing cost considerations, presented an exciting challenge.

Iterating on card design

We invested a significant amount of craftsmanship to perfect the printing of our cards. Initially, we planned to create metal cards, experimenting with various metal card variations to achieve the ideal design. The process of printing these cards presented its own set of challenges, including navigating different printing techniques and color types.


Card Design Insights from Focus Group Study

The final card design was primarily chosen based on extensive focus group studies and surveys. One key insight from this research was that our target segment desired a card they could proudly show off to their peers.


Mastering Package Design

Getting packing right also required us to understand how different folds were made, constrain on cost based on different folding techicing. Keep all this in my we were able deliver on packing that users love


Below, you'll find an engaging unboxing video from one of our satisfied customers, offering a firsthand look at their delightful experience.

Real customer unboxing

Crafting the app experience

We aim to bring the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that we applied to our offline cards into our app. Our goal is to create an experience that is not only seamless but also delightful for our users. By integrating high-quality design, intuitive navigation, and interactive features.

Taking Control

Users have full control over a range of card functionalities, empowering them to customize their experience effortlessly. From enabling online transactions to setting limits, ordering replacements, and swiftly blocking cards in case of theft, managing card features has never been more intuitive or secure.